Faces of Wellness features photographs and stories of Wellness Center members who have overcome health challenges, transformed their lifestyles and embraced wellness in ways many never before thought possible. Pittsburgh photographer Tom Gigliotti took these extraordinary images.

The “Faces of Wellness” exhibit demonstrates the positive impact the Wellness Center has had on a broad range of individuals in the community, according to Gary Weinstein, president and CEO of The Washington Hospital. “The mission of the hospital includes not just acute care, but also wellness and prevention,” he says. “We certainly filled a niche in the community when we opened the Wellness Center. We’ve helped many previously sedentary adults get back into exercising, and we’ve been successful encouraging a very diverse group of people to feel right at home at the Wellness Center.”

The late Pete Cameron and his wife Nan helped make the center a reality with a gift of $5 million in 1999, the largest single gift ever received by the hospital. “It is my hope that the Wellness Center of The Washington Hospital will enhance the quality of life for the entire community,” said Pete Cameron at that time.

Rev. Gary Gibson, chaplain at the hospital and charter member of the Wellness Center, believes that this hope has become a reality, especially with the Center’s emphasis on education and mind-body programs. “It’s brought a real attitude of wellness to the area,” he says. “The Center supports not only physical wellness, but also spiritual and emotional wellness as well.”

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